First Things First

The first principle in a RESET asks you to go through the process with awareness or with your eyes open so to speak. It is truth. You must be willing to remove the rose tinted glasses that stand in the way of progress and evaluate yourself honestly. It requires asking the hard questions with a willingness to face the answers. There will be times you need to ask someone you trust to help you. Some things are easier recognized from outside than within.  Be careful to consult someone that will communicate the findings in love. Someone you have a safe place to discuss personal topics with and there is no fear of judgment. Keep in mind it is impossible to change what you do not acknowledge. I know change is by no means easy, but it is necessary. It takes courage, determination, and consistency to make and sustain change. Try not to allow this process to magnify your faults, shortcomings or mistakes. The point is to create awareness that presents choices for how you will move forward. Remember, a RESET is all about starting anew and positioning yourself to succeed. It is not beneficial to retain things that did not serve you well beforehand. In this step, you can acknowledge habits, actions, decisions, past times, perspectives and much more that are not meaningful to your life and overall goals.

Some of the things you discover on this journey of introspection might be quite difficult to learn. The goal is awareness and freedom, never condemnation. If strong feelings of discomfort are beginning to arise, pause and breathe through them. Breathe in slowly forgiveness, strength, grace, and courage. Breathe out shame, guilt and any other assembling negative emotion. Let it go! If any remains, use it as fuel to assist in navigating this process. Someone once said, “The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them.” I think that author is definitely on to something.

I encourage you to take some time to uncover and face your truths. There is a lot of hard work condensed into the preceding words. Take them with you and meet me here again for principle 2: thoughts

Breathe, Believe, Achieve

Sifu Karl Romain