Living with Purpose: What does it mean?

I have been thinking about the concept of living with purpose for quite some time. Discovering your purpose enables you to be intentional with decision making, efficient in your actions and creates greater meaning in your life. Perhaps the most important benefits you will reap are an increase in happiness and the ability to lead more fulfilled lives. These two aspects alone make this a relevant topic to discuss. My personal triumphs (and more importantly setbacks) are a motivating force behind my deep-seated desire to inspire others to be their best selves. They spawned the creation of numerous business ventures, my most recent book (“Unbreakable”) and the East West Inspirations brand.

Over the course of this month, we will look at why it is important to discover your purpose, how it will enhance your life and how to stay focused amidst challenges. I will explain how this will positively affect all aspects of your life and provide exercises designed to create clarity.

Let us start by uncovering what it means to live with purpose. In essence, it means to have clearly defined goals, to be deliberate in the actions taken toward them and to be passionate about their completion. It is all about refusing to allow complacency to render you stagnant and instead taking premeditated steps that allow you to make the most of each day.

Living with purpose has a couple of big advantages over simply existing. Knowing your purpose enables you to formulate a clear path leading to success. It is no longer necessary to get up each morning and try to figure out what you will do. You can simply start each day by jumping in and continuing the work toward the goals you previously established based on your God-given purpose. 

Traversing life in this manner enables you to define and establish a clear set of core values. You can think of these values as a compass helping you to navigate inevitable challenges encountered along the way. This will be particularly advantageous when it comes to decision making. You will now have the ability to weigh the potential outcomes by their relevance to your purpose and plan. Making calculated, informed choices will help you stay on track.

Not sure what your purpose is? Here are some questions that may help.


  • If you had all the time and money in the world, what would you do?
  • If you only had a year to live, how would you spend it?
  • How do you want others to remember you?
  • How can you best serve the world?


  • What do you dream of doing but are too afraid to try?


Please email me I look forward to hearing about your purpose.


Breath, Believe, Achieve,


Sifu Karl Romain


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