Something Has to Change

Welcome back and thank you for joining me. Have you ever reached a point where you just knew something had to change? You may have previously arrived at this conclusion or find this to be your present situation. It is perfectly normal (in fact necessary) to take inventory in your life on a regular basis and determine what is needed in that season. There are times when you can make minor adjustments in your thought life, behavior, daily patterns and the like in order to guide you back to the path of fulfilling your purpose. Other times you may find you have veered further off course than originally anticipated.

What can be done if this is the case? First, take a minute to breathe through the accumulation of uncomfortable emotions and make a choice to extend yourself some grace. It is okay. This newfound knowledge is in no way detrimental to your future successes. In fact, this discovery is a good thing. With this awareness, it is possible to begin taking steps in the right direction. This is one of the reasons why regular self-checks are so important. The sooner you are able to recognize hindrances and detours in your path the quicker you are able to take action. You can get clarity and overcome these obstacles by engaging in a RESET.

Simply put, a RESET is an opportunity to begin again. Things will happen that move you off course, distract you or cause you to lose momentum. You can make a notable difference by the actions you take after realizing you are not where you want to be. There are six principles to engage a RESET: truth, thoughts, purpose, choice, action, and accountability. I will go into these principles with more detail in the following blogs. Please think about what you have read here today and join me here again as I cover the first principle, truth. Do not forget about this month’s featured product, the Unbreakable hoodie with a free downloadable copy of the book.

Breathe, Believe, Achieve

Sifu Karl Romain