Welcome to East West Inspirations!

My name is Sifu Karl Romain. I would like to welcome you to East West Inspirations. Early on in life, I faced with what could have been a career-ending accident that left me with some hard choices. Do I acquiesce to what my situation looks like (allow my dreams to be stifled by the report of my physicians) or do I decide my dreams are not dying here? With pain as a motivator, I fought to align my inner voice with where I wanted to go; blocking out the anguish of where I was. With a lot of hard work and determination, my health was stored. I became a World Champion Martial Artist and Master of Kung Fu. I have had to RESET a few times in my life as I transitioned to different seasons. I understand both the difficulty and necessity involved in staying focused, encouraged and inspired. This awareness fuels my ambition to help others do the same. I want to inspire the world one person at a time through information, motivation, specialized products and services. Each product offered features timeless inspirational quotes carefully chosen to inspire you to live the life of your dreams. I believe inspiration and empowerment are not just about product lines and intermittent actions; they are about a way of life! It is about surrounding ourselves with people and things that remind us of our dreams and empower us daily to fulfill them.

I endeavor to equip you with the knowledge to align all aspects of your lives, so every step taken propels you toward success and living with purpose. Will there be mistakes? Absolutely! Without them, you would not learn valuable lessons or be able to effectively assist others facing similar challenges. You will experience adversities, challenges, and mistakes whether you choose to follow your dreams or not so why not make them count? What makes all the difference is how you respond to the difficulties you encounter and what you choose to do next. Continuously moving forward equipped with inspiration, the proper prospective and the right information your mistakes can become stepping-stones on the path to walking in your purpose. I am working diligently to provide products and tools that will aid you in using your challenges as teachers and motivators instead of obstacles.

Periodically I will host challenges designed to assist you in specific areas of life. During the challenges, you will receive daily emails, and there will be a blog posted here covering the topic for that day.  I will share lots of helpful information and tips along the way. There will also be a product of the month listed at a special price so be sure to check back here frequently. If you have questions or ideas for a challenge you feel would be beneficial, please email at info@eastwestinspirations.com. Please stay and have a look around the website. See you back here soon for the next post!